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By Angus Dunnington

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With out process, a chess online game is simply a chain of tactical tips. a superb process binds jointly the strategies, and allows a participant to make methodical growth in the direction of victory.This ebook makes certain you'll by no means be in need of successful techniques. Angus Dunnington makes use of his decades of chess taking part in and coaching to supply an arsenal of principles that may be hired in lots of forms of place. those plans were confirmed in lots of grandmaster video games, so that you could be certain that by utilizing them your online game could be soundly dependent.

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With cold-blooded activity he usually manages to extinguish his opponent's counterplay and, by using his strategic trump card, gains the initiative. 10. Gavrikov-Vitolins, Severodonetsk 1982 Black does not have sufficient pawns, and his opponent is planning 12-f3. He must act with the utmost energy. With resourceful play Vitolin~ manages to emphasise the unfortunate position of the white queen. 17 g5! i"h6 is terrible: IS ... g4 with the threat of 19 ... i'f4 e5. 18 g4! xg4 IiJxg4 20 'fixg4+ l:gS At the price of yet another pawn, the bishop and rook have established an effective level of cooperation - jointly attacking g2.

Txd5 wins a piece, or 35 ... dc7 37 d6 winning) 36 e6 I:I:dc7 37 exf7+ 'iil'xf7 38 l:e6 Anand. ta6 l:tb8 35 ... xb7 Ii:xb7 3711a8+! ff41iJg8 39 e5 dxe5 40 l:xe5 with complete domination. 36 eS! Perfect timing. Black is too tied up to cope with this thrust. 36 Manoeuvring 36 ... tZle8 36 ... dxe5 is bad because of 37 d6 J:td7 38 tZlxe5. txb7 J:hb7 39 "i'd8 'iil'f8 40 J:tal! The simplest continuation, guaranteeing White decisive material gains. 40 e6 fxe6 41l::txe6 tZlg7 is less clear. 40 ... c7 40 ...

Ltxd3 ltb8?! 19 J::ta3 b6 The consistent follow-up to Black's previous move, but it leads only to the creation of a weakness on the queenside. :teal! , when White has a minimal advantage. 20 ... bS 21 a6 So, White has finally managed to create his first real object of attack - the b-pawn. b4 21 22 J:[aS l::tc6 23 f3 To win a game, attacking a single weakness is generally not enough. Therefore, White's next aim is to start play on the kingside to make use of the long-range bishop. 23 l:i:cb6 24 h4 iLlf6 25 g4 l:i:h8 Black has sensed the danger, and undertakes prophylactic measures on the kingside.

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