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By Bill Vaznis

ISBN-10: 1589233522

ISBN-13: 9781589233522

One easy Tip Can deliver You a Trophy!
This e-book provides whitetail hunters precisely what they're regularly searching for: that additional edge--whitetail hunters are consistently trying to find that additional facet in outsmarting their prey. brief and to-the-point tips are only what a lot of them are searhing for; 500 in a single publication is a brilliant worth. nearly a hundred and fifty of the guidelines are followed via special how-to photography.
Chapter subject matters include:
• Early-Season Scouting• finding Racked Bucks• the suitable Tree-Stand• smell Control• preserving a Low Profile• Predicting the Pre-Rut• Calling Strategies• finding Nocturnal Bucks• Snow Tracking• searching round Water• searching dollars within the Snow• Scouting the submit Season

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