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Equipped at the scarce, yet now not insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings offers a synchronic descriptive survey as whole as attainable of its easy grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative feedback, permitting the reader to procure a close to exact photograph of this subject-matter.

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From OA ˙ ¯¯ ¯ {ˇgdl}, {ˇgdwl}, {hfd}, {wqd}, {" hd} and {swd}. , VA › #arr¯adah‹ “catapult” from OA { #rd}, ˙ ˙ IQ 96/12/2 ›yi #arbad‹ “he quarrels”, 90/14/2 › #arbadah‹ “quarrel”, all from ˙ ˙ { #rbd}, Z 1016 ›daybar¯an‹ “wasps” vs. VA ›daybar¯an‹ and Alc. ), as˙ well interchange, ˙ from the viewpoint of CA rules, with the two other fem. ]” for OA ¯ a" and,¯ conversely, ›nas¯ ¯arah‹ for ¯ SA ›nas¯arà‹ “Christians”). , in pausal forms of the dialect of San"a (see Naïm 2009:24). ) which, being invariably traceable to the lower registers, more prone to inhibit than to extend velarisation, would possibly point to phonemic and mere graphemic indifferentiation at some times and in some places and registers between all /d/, /d/, /d/ and /d/.

Scared”, from {fz #}, vs. dolf 35 See Corriente 1996a: 16 and fn. 1, and Höfner 1943:143–146 about the preposition bn. 36 See P. ) 2008: 104. 37 See other Rm. reflexes in Corriente 2008c: 160, suggesting inter-Rm. borrowing in some cases. 38 This assumption is borne out not only by Rm. transcriptions like those of Alc. for Granadan items of Lt. , apríl “April”, and píx “penis”), at times even implying the presence of minimal pairs, like quibáb “chapels” vs. , Cs. alcaparra “caper” < AA qapár < Lt.

Loanwords are atabe, cebiche, tahúr and zabra, and Gibraltar in a place name; see Corriente 2008c: 202–202. 71 However, this voiced realization of /q/ appears to hark back to the very beginnings of the Islamic invasion, since Hisp. , Zaragoza and Cádiz, vs. instances like ›garn¯ ˙ ˙atah‹ for Granada, which is more recent, but supported by old ˙ transcriptions in the earliest Andalusi historians, like ›gndlˇ ˙ s‹ “Vandals” and ›g˙ tyˇsh‹ “Witiza”, apparently pronounced *gándalos´ and *gitís´ a (see Penelas 2001:48 and 135,˙ Arabic text), comparable to Romancisms in AA like VA ›girrah‹ ˙ from pan-Hisp.

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