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By Mihail Marin

ISBN-10: 9197600504

ISBN-13: 9789197600507

Here's a world-class chess repertoire for Black opposed to 1.e4. because the identify indicates, the repertoire relies at the revered Spanish beginning, or the Ruy Lopez, because it is typically referred to as. In his past publication, Beating the Open video games, Grandmaster Mihail Marin handled White’s concepts as much as 3.Bb5. Now Marin presents all of the solutions for Black after 4.Ba4. This intensity of chess services has not often been released for a mass viewers earlier than, as grandmasters often like to hold their secrets and techniques. The complexity of the fabric might have been daunting, yet Marin is additionally a grasp of explaining profound rules to a large viewers.

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Довольно интересная книга, описывающая начало "Св. Георгия".
Почему начало Св. Георгия? Интересная история. Применив данное начало, англичанин в 1980 г. выиграл самого Карпова. Это второй случай в истории, когда англичанин взял верх над чемпионом мира. В приступе экстаза английские журналисты окрестили дебют в столь пафосной манере.
Язык - английский.
Качество - сносное (текст - копируемый, а вот диаграммки оставляют желать лучшего. .. ).
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Black cannot afford to wait. 40 . . e4! ttlxe7 exd3t followed by . �xh3. 39 . WxfS! Very resourcefully played. gxf5 Black would obtain excellent play with 40 . . xg2 1Mfxh4 followed by ... CLlf6 and ... 0g5, with a firm blockade on the dark squares. We can notice the relative uselessness of the b2-bishop. Wxh4 A wise decision. Black refrains from "winning" the queen with 40 . . icl when White's pieces cooperate perfectly. Instead of exposing himself to such dangers, he builds up a reliable fortress on the dark squares, for which the elimination of the h4-pawn is essential.

Icl when White's pieces cooperate perfectly. Instead of exposing himself to such dangers, he builds up a reliable fortress on the dark squares, for which the elimination of the h4-pawn is essential. f5!? Now or never! What makes these positions so difficult to play over the board is the fact that the possible consequences of this thematic pawn break must be calculated virtually on every move. White can count on an advantage only if he permanently retains sufficient tactical resources to meet . .

E3 and lMfd2, but for the time practical problems. being Black can just make all the other useful In the following game, he decided to block the queenside completely. moves and then choose the further plan of action in accordance with the concrete circumstances. a4 . . f5. However, if Black avoids that, the bishop The significance of the fact that White plays stands rather passively on b2, being restricted this move at an earlier stage than in the previous by the over-defended e5-pawn. Besides, Black's games will be revealed a little bit later.

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