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7r])- x (1) (r) = J0f (2) x (r) = dv in case r = 0, dim 70 = 3, otherwise; ' s £ /o /o Tr(W°(Y0(*o)) • ^[(s^dsods1 in case r = 1, dim 70 = dim7x = 1, 0 otherwise. A straightforward calculation shows that d\ = 7^*5^, where F is the 4-cocycle on B* defined by ra-yi 1 1^} of x such that ' ~~ ^ 0 otherwise. We have not been able to do this.

F. Adams [1] and E. H. Brown [5], and defined as follows. (See [31] for the relation between these two concepts and other concepts in geometry and topology). We start with a finite simplicial complex A and a partial ordering o of its vertices. For notational convenience we will embed o in a total ordering, and renumber the vertices 0,1,2,... accordingly. ) We repeat here some material from [31]. 1 A parallel transport function over a locally ordered simplicial complex A consists of a family V of maps of cubes into G, one Va: c^"1 —> G for each r-simplex a of A , r > 1, such that, for every a =< i 0 , .

A a;. For this we must first define products of elementary Tg*-valued cochains and develop some of their properties. 52 ANTHONY V. PHILLIPS and DAVID A. STONE P r o d u c t s of e l e m e n t a ry Tg*-valued cochains. *), in order to define a cup product we need a comultiplication V: A* —> A* ® A* and a multiplication fx: B* ® B* —» B*. We can then define a U /3 from the diagram to be the composite A, Z A, ® A, " ^ 5 , ® 5 , A 5* . We shall define a comultiplication in C* and a geometric product operation on operators on C* which, in the absence of any natural multiplication on Tg*, is sufficient for our purposes.

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