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By Henry A. Kissinger

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The Napoleonic Wars have been by way of a virtually extraordinary century of political balance. an international Restored analyses the alliances shaped and treaties signed via the world's leaders throughout the years 1812 to 1822, focussing at the personalities of the 2 major negotiators: Viscount Castlereagh, the British international secretary, and Prince von Metter- nich, his Austrian counterpart. Henry Kissinger explains how the turbulent dating among those males, the differing issues in their respective international locations and the altering nature of international relations all motivated the ultimate form of the peace. initially released in 1957.

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364f. A WORLD 26 RESTORED chess, carefully watching each other; I to checkmate him, he to crush of of the period: the man of will and the man of reason, the principle of universality and the sense of limit, the assertion of power and the claim of legitimacy. "1 This was the symbolization the issue proved, they had demonstrated that the game could no longer be won by pulverizing either the antagonist or the pieces; that it had to be played according to its own rules which placed a premium on subtlety and not on brute strength.

I will confine myself to repeating these words of His Majesty, so simple and at the same time so energetic, and I empower you to communicate them to the Duke of 1 Text, Oncken, I, p. 17. A WORLD 28 Bassano RESTORED [French Foreign Minister]. jIt may be asked why Metternich had to choose a procedure so indirect, a method so intricate and so difficult to legitimize. Why not attempt to adapt the Austrian domestic structure to the national elan sweeping across Europe? But a statesman must work with the material at hand and the domestic structure of Austria was rigid, much more rigid, paradoxically, than the international one.

Are, . We for the first time strong in as an ancient Empire. risks ourselves, let us act it . . "4 But it was to be neither. There may be a fitness of things in the universe, but it does not operate in a finite time and certainly not in a brief one. The finest army ever created by Austria was defeated and ... P. n, 268f. P. P. n, 270f. P. n, 295f. , 286f. THE CONTINENTAL STATESMAN the Emperor, unwilling to risk everything, sued 19 for peace. Never again, under Metternich, was Austria to attempt solitary efforts or to of its people.

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