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By N. W. März, M. Nauck, H. Wieland (auth.), Dr. A. Geibel, Prof. Dr. H. Just, Dr. med. W. Kasper, Dr. S. Konstantinides (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642511929

ISBN-13: 9783642511929

The price of echocardiography within the diagnostic work-up of sufferers with suspected acute pulmonary embolism.- New advancements within the thrombolytic remedy of venous thrombosis.- Mechanism of blood coagulation. more moderen elements of anticoagulant and antithrombotic therapy.- MR-angiography within the prognosis of pulmonary embolism.- Scintigraphy-ventilation/perfusion scanning and imaging of the embolus.- scientific direction and diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism.- The molecular mechanisms of inherited thombophilia.

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