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By Ravi V.

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This publication examines a few of the myriads of technical and organizational components that impression prone administration, enterprise administration, probability administration, and patron dating administration, and gives study to assist the profitable implementation of linked supportive applied sciences

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40 It is easy to use the bank through the Internet. 44 The bank has exclusive ATMs. 48 It is easy to get checks at the branch. 53 ATMs inside the branch are easy to use. 56 You can make all sorts of transactions with the ATMs. 60 The bank has exclusive ATMs to print checks. 64 Brn The branch has enough tellers for the customers. 39* The branch has enough space for the customers in its parking lot. 46* The branch displays appropriate directions for the customers. 46 The branch’s security doors work well and enable customers to get in and out easily.

2003). Applying data mining in investigating money laundering crimes. In Proceedings of SIGKDD’03, Washington, DC. Section I Services Management  Chapter II Service Quality in Banks: What are the Factors Behind Performance and Customer Satisfaction? Carlo Gabriel Porto Bellini Universidade Federal da Paraíba at João Pessoa, Brazil Rita de Cássia de Faria Pereira Universidade Federal da Paraíba at João Pessoa, Brazil ABSTRACT Quality in servicing customers is an important marketing construct for banks, but idiosyncrasies in the definition of service quality and customer satisfaction, as well as in adapting current instruments to measure them in the international banking industry, constitute major constraints to research and practice.

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