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The current quantity forty five of Advances in Solid-State Physics comprises the written types of chosen invited lectures from the spring assembly of the Arbeitskreis Festkörperphysik of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft on the planet yr of Physics 2005, the Einstein yr, which used to be held from four - eleven March 2005 in Berlin, Germany. Many topical talks given on the a variety of symposia are incorporated. each one of these have been prepared collaboratively by means of a number of of the divisions of the Arbeitskreis. The booklet provides, to some degree, the prestige of the sector of solid-state physics in 2005 not just in Germany but additionally the world over. it truly is "nanoscience", specifically the physics of quantum dots and wires, electric shipping, optical homes, spin delivery in nanostructures, and magnetism at the nanoscale, that's of important curiosity to the physics neighborhood. additionally, delicate subject and organic platforms are coated.

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The mean-field theory for asymmetric polymer interfaces was generalized by Broseta and co-workers [33]. This theory was incorporated into the onedimensional swelling theory of Flory and Rehner [34]. Mean-field theory did not successfully describe the behavior of the networks partly on account of its failure to incorporate lateral structure. In Fig. 6 we show the experimental profile for the structure of an interface between linear d-PS (P = 8214) and a polystyrene network with N = 189 [34], The theoretical prediction (with N = 200) agrees well close to the interface, but further into the network, the experimental data predict much more swelling, supporting the swelling measurements described above.

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