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By A. Mark Smith

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Someday among 1028 and 1038, Ibn al-Haytham accomplished his enormous optical synthesis, Kitab al-Manazir ("Book of Optics"). through no later than 1200, and maybe a bit of past, this treatise seemed in Latin below the name De aspectibus. In that shape it was once attributed to a definite "Alhacen." those modifications in name and authorial designation are indicative of the profound alterations among the 2 types, Arabic and Latin, of the treatise. in lots of methods, in reality, they are often seemed now not easily as diversified models of a similar paintings, yet as diversified works of their personal correct. consequently, the Arab writer, Ibn al-Haytham, and his Latin incarnation, Alhacen, symbolize detailed, occasionally even conflicting, interpretive voices. And an identical holds for his or her respective texts. To complicate concerns, "Alhacen" doesn't symbolize a unmarried interpretive voice. there have been at the least translators at paintings at the Latin textual content, one in every of them adhering faithfully to the Arabic unique, the opposite content material with distilling, even paraphrasing, the Arabic unique. accordingly, the Latin textual content offers now not one, yet no less than faces to the reader. quantity This two-volume serious version represents fourteen years of labor on Dr. Smith's half. offered the 2001 J. F. Lewis Award. quantity Two--English Translation

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So when it reaches the eye, that form will not be [properly] discerned by the eye. If, however, the body upon which the light shines is white and the color whose form shines upon it is black or dark, that form will be outshone only by the whiteness of that body; so it will appear as shadow, and the eye will perceive thatbody as not very white, just as it will perceive a white body in shadow, so its form will not be [properly]discerned by it. 102]All of this will obtainwhen the light that illuminatesthe colored body is intense and the whiteness of the form that shines from it upon the facing body is dull.

94Therefore,insofar as there is some transparencyin it, it receives forms, and they pass through it by virtue of the transparencythat is in it;but insofaras thereis some opacity in it, it impedes the formspassing throughit by virtue of the [modicumof] opacity it possesses. 95Likewise, when it shines upon a transparentbody possessing some measureof opacity,light will pass throughit on accountof its transparency,but the light is impressedon its surfaceaccordingto its opacity. 65]Also, the glacialisis constitutedto receivethese formsand to sense them.

93]Moreover,the eye is constituted to suffer the effect of colors and light and to feel them, but the resulting alterationdoes not therebypersist in it. 94]It has thereforenow been shown that the eye is not tinted by colors and the forms of light in a permanentway. It has also been shown that the forms of light and color do not mingle in air or in [other]transparent bodies but that the eye perceives many of them at the same time through the [same] air; and each of the eyes perceives them accordingto the cone that is formed between the visible objectand the centerof the sight.

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