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N. Maximov, H. V. N. Kovaleva et al. (Ostroumov et al. 1988; Maximov et al. 1988a, 1988b). Insect growth-disturbing agents are of increasingly widespread use in plant protection. Such agents (when exhibiting a non-specific action) can influence the growth and development of other Arthropoda species which are not the "targets". 12 ppm S02 and the sensitivity of this species to S02 was affected by photon flux densities and temperature (Jones and Mansfield 1982). In the USA, the economic loss due to decrease in growth of plants which is induced by pollutants has been estimated at about US$ 2 X 109 annually.

Thus, very different anthropogenic factors may frequently cause disturbance of the growth of organisms. 3 Disturbance of Reproduction Disturbances of sexual maturation and reproduction are frequently observed as a result of anthropogenic action. Thus, faulty timing in developing gonages ofthe male and female frog (Rana ridibunda) has been found due to the accumulation of several toxicants (mainly pesticides) in the bodies of animals in the North Caucasus and the Lower Volga River region, and this has excluded the ability to propagate successfully (Koubantsev and Zhoukova 1982).

Even disinfection by chlorination may not inactivate all viruses (Goyal 1984). The after-effects of interactions between viruses and host genomes are not understood completely. Possible consequences include: (1) mutagenesis (which may be induced during the extraction or insertion of DNA fragments), (2) enhancement of action of chemical genotoxic pollutants, (3) vice versa, potentiation of viral action by chemical pollutants (carcinogens), which has been shown in several in vivo and in vitro systems.

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