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At a radial distance of around 1016:6 cm, large molecules grow in a relatively dense, n(H2 ) $ 105 cmÀ3 , low UV environment. Beyond 1017 cm, the external UV Weld is large enough to destroy complex molecules unless the chemistry is able to produce photoresistant molecules. Fig. 2 shows also that the abundance of large molecules produced in the outer envelope decreases with increasing size, a reXection of the ineYciencies of the chemical synthesis in a Xow expanding into a region of increasing UV Xux.

F. van Dishoeck, (Kluwer, Dordrecht), p. , 2003, ApJS, 148, 97 Bromm, V. S. , 2002, ApJ, 564, 23 Cazaux, S. , Governato, F. , 2000, MNRAS, 314, 611 Dominik, C. , 1990, in The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium, (PaciWc), p. T. , Schaye, J. & Pettini, M. , 2003, Ap&SS, 284, 415 Ferrara, A. J. Y. E. , Colpi, M. A. & Loeb, A. 1996, ApJ 464, 523 Harwit, M. , 2003, ApJ, 589, 53 Heger, A. , Langer, N. , BaraVe, I. , 2002, Conf. on Luminous Celestial Objects, proceedings of MPA/ESO, p. 369 Hirashita, H.

The observation of molecules in disks is at the forefront of current receiver technology, and while new facilities like the Submillimetre Array (SMA) or the Atacama Large Millimetre Array (ALMA) will greatly increase our knowledge of these objects, many simple organic molecules, also found in the interstellar medium and in comets, have already been detected in such disks. Dutrey et al. (1997) reported the molecular content of the disks around the T Tauri stars DM Tau and GG Tau. They detected transitions in CO, HCN, CN, CS, H2 CO and HCOþ in both disks.

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