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By Jakob Reichel, Vladan Vuletic

ISBN-10: 3527407553

ISBN-13: 9783527407552

This stimulating dialogue of a swiftly constructing box is split into components. the 1st gains tutorials in textbook sort delivering self-contained introductions to a number of the parts appropriate to atom chip learn. half II includes examine stories that supply an built-in account of the present country in an lively sector of study the place atom chips are hired, and discover attainable routes of destiny development. reckoning on the topic, the size of the evaluation and the relative weight of the 'review' and 'outlook' elements fluctuate, because the authors comprise their very own own view and elegance of their debts.

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1) contribute a corrugation, which have a relative amplitude given to good approximation by C 1/3(M g h/m F g F μ B B0 )2 [56]. Such a corrugation leads pto a diffusive component in the reflected atoms with an angular spread Δθrms 2C . 1a) creates an effective magnetic field approximately the same as that of a magnet of width a/4 centered at y D N a/4 (CN a/4) [5]. Thus, by placing two magnets, with width a/4 and opposite magnetizations, one at each end of the array, the magnetic field above a large area of a finite array will mimic the field above an infinite array.

B) Dependence of the normalized field roughness –100 0 100 200 Distance y, µm predicted by the model (Eq. 7)) on the transverse coordinate y for heights 10 μm (solid), 50 μm (dotted), and 100 μm (dashed line) [66]. Stylus profilometer measurements indicate that the r m s roughness of the polished edge of the slide is around 10 nm over a 400-μm scale. 85 dependence. When the cloud is positioned z0 D 50 μm below the magnetic surface substantial fragmentation is observed. However, when it is positioned 50 μm below the non-magnetic gold surface the density distribution exhibits a rather smooth profile.

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