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By Harold A. Skaarup

ISBN-10: 1617508187

ISBN-13: 9781617508189

Axis Warplane Survivors – A guidebook to the preserved army plane of the second one international conflict Tripartite Pact of Germany, Italy, and Japan, joined via Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia; the co-belligerent states of Thailand, Finland, San Marino and Iraq; and the occupied states of Albania, Belarus, Croatia, Vichy France, Greece, Ljubljana, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Manchukuo, Mengjiang, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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Tachikawa Ki-54c Hickory, five views. 229. Tachikawa Ki-55 in the Royal Thai Air Force Museum, Bangkok. 230. Tachikawa Ki-74, IJAAF, five views. 231. Yokosuka E14Y (Glen), four views. 232. Yokosuka D4Y1 Susei (Comet) IJNAF, six views. 233. Yokosuka P1Y2-S Ginga night-fighter, IJNAF, seven views. 234. Bulgarian Air Force Messerschmitt Bf 109 in flight; Bulgarian manufactured DAR-10 trainer; Arado Ar 196A floatplane in Bulgarian Air Force markings, Bulgarian Museum of Aviation and the Air Force Plovdive, Bulgaria.

From Reims, he flew the Pfeil on 8 September to Farnborough via Manston in the UK. It was test flown on 1 October, but then remained grounded until a second test flight on 15 January 1946, shortly after appearing in a static display of German aircraft. On 18 January 1946, a third test flight was made. During the flight, Dornier Do 335A-12 Pfeil (Arrow), AM223, ex-DP+UB, caught fire in the air after the rear engine overheated and the fire and burned through the controls. The Pfeil crashed into Cove School, Cove, Hampshire, killing Group Captain Alan F.

RAF Photo) * 3rd Photo. Junkers Ju 188A-2 (Wk Nr 190327), AM113. (RAF Photo) * 1st Photo. Ju 388L-1/V-6 Stortebecker (Wk Nr 5000006), PE+1F, AM83, No. 6 on the tail. This aircraft was captured at Tarnewitz and was delivered to Farnborough on 1 September 1945. Transferred to the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield in 1948 and scrapped ca. 1950. (RAF Photo) * 2nd Photo. Dornier Do 335A-12 Pfeil (Wk Nr 240112), AM223. (RAF Photo) * 3rd Photo. Dornier Do 335A-1 (Wk Nr not known), AM225 with RAF roundel being examined by US troops in Germany.

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