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By Arthur Meidan (auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9780333365854

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8. 9. 10. 1. Pointed to the present and past. 2. lives and thinks in the short expanse of time. 3. More rural in identification. 4. Non-rational essentially. Has a well-structured sense of 5. Vague and unclear structuring the universe. of the world. Horizons vastly extended or not 6. Horizons sharply defined and limited limited. Greater sense of choice making 7. limited sense of choice making 8. Very much concerned with Self-confident, willing to take security and insecurity. 9. Concrete and perceptive in his Immaterial and abstract in his thinking.

5. on bank loyalty, provided that the customer in non-mobile. Mobility affects loyalty with the degree of effect depending on branch coverage. The higher the branch coverage, the more mobile customers will remain loyal to that bank. Time. The longer the elapsed time period between two different life styles -like student and working wives - the lower the likelihood that the customer will remain loyal. Unidentified influences - working as time passes - cause decay in loyalty. Prior patronage. There is a higher probability that a customer will remain loyal to the bank if he has a history of patronage with it during the period immediately after graduation.

They differ from individual to individual owing to a person's cultural background, upbringing, education, location, etc. 3. The consumer process. This is aseries of stages through which a customer goes when contemplating the purchase of a bank's service. When a customer is satisfied with his present situation he is said to be in a cognitive balance or homeostatic position. When he is aware of other more desirable conditions than he is presently experiendng, he is said to be in a cognitive imbalance position.

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