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7–50 kg) Coat: Thick, silky fur; males often have a mane; color varies with species from fawn to black; there may be markings on the face, chest, arms, and legs Diet: Fruit, seeds, buds, shoots, flowers, bark, gum, roots, bulbs; invertebrates and small vertebrates Breeding: Most species breed once a year and raise one or two offspring; gestation lasts 5–6 months Life span: 20–31 years Something has caught the attention of these Celebes crested macaques. These monkeys live in the forests of Sulawesi, an Indonesian island in the Indian Ocean.

A female waterbuck rests, while her two fawns stand close by. As their name suggests, waterbuck live mainly in reedbeds and wetlands. 31 Armadillos Where to place armadillos in the mammal family tree has puzzled zoologists for centuries. Early naturalists thought they might be related to turtles because of their bony carapace, or shield. These days, armadillos are placed in an order of their own. 32 INSECT EATERS A rmadillos look like animals from science fiction. Most of the body is encased in a suit of armor, called a carapace, which is made of bony plates covered in very tough skin.

New Zealand lesser short-tailed bat 41 Bats OW? DID YOU KN In Texas there is a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats with almost twenty million members! The fastest bats can fly at more than 30 miles per hour! The hog-nosed bat is the smallest bat in the world and it also has the smallest body of any mammal. the bats of panama The big brown bat is an insect eater. insects on the wing, which is called hawking. Others swoop down to grab insects off leaves, tree trunks, or other surfaces, a process called gleaning.

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