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By Christopher Lloyd

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How outdated is the universe? while did existence on the earth commence? What occurred to the dinosaurs? How was once the moon created? How did historic chinese language technology form the fashionable international? How did Islam set off globalization? Are people quite enhanced to different residing issues? and the way are you able to healthy the whole heritage of the planet into one pocket-sized publication? those are only a number of the questions replied in Christopher Lloyd's acclaimed 13.7 billion yr background - now briefly. during this thrill-ride throughout millennia and continents, the whole background of the planet involves existence: from the Earth's fiery delivery to its near-obliteration within the Triassic interval, and from the 1st indicators of human lifestyles to the tentative way forward for a global with a burgeoning inhabitants and a world warming situation. protecting a variety of themes together with astrophysics, zoology, and sociology, and whole with maps and illustrations, What in the world occurred? in short is the forever interesting tale of the planet, existence, and folks

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Some found that the best survival strategy was to link up. Gangs of cells joined together to form the world’s first multicellular creatures. Some of them became the forefathers of all animal life while others turned into the ancestors of today’s plants and trees. Already we have travelled more than three billion years since the earth was first formed. 19. 00, leaving just eight hours to go for all the rest of life to evolve. Although miraculous signs of life have already appeared in the form of complex microscopic bacteria, hundreds of millions of years have yet to pass before fish, animals, plants and trees make their first appearance.

Seeds have to be spread further afield. How is this to be done when trees can’t walk or swim? Designing a tree is no simple thing, which is probably why the earliest plants – mosses, liverworts and hornworts (the family is called the bryophytes) – stayed exactly where they liked it best: near to the water’s edge, thriving only in inlets and bays in river mouths and beside streams. They completely ducked the idea of being tall; their strategy was to hide from the wind by staying small. These plants had no proper roots, leaves or internal plumbing system to deliver water and nutrients.

The water now contained amino acids – the vital ingredients for life, used by all plants and animals (including you and me) to construct their living cells. Surely this was the demonstrable proof that Urey had so strongly believed in! 7 billion years ago because the Goldilocks-like conditions for it to do so happened to be just right. Yet for all the science and technology, and the brilliant academic minds that have tried to come up with an explanation, no one has actually solved the riddle of how those chemical building blocks re-created in the laboratory by Miller and Urey turned into living cells, the stuff of you and me.

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