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By Steve Giddins

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ISBN-13: 9781904600411

Steve Giddins has selected 50 supremely instructive video games - a few outdated, a few new, and together with many who few readers could have visible sooner than. He has annotated those video games intimately from a contemporary viewpoint, explaining the priceless classes that may be learnt from them, whereas warding off the damaging dogma that characterised many older works of this kind. themes comprise: Attacking the King, Defence, Piece energy, and Endgame issues. each one video game is via a recap of the most classes to be learned.

Giddins writes in a hugely obtainable down-to-earth variety that appeals to membership gamers looking to enhance their knowing of useful chess. His wisdom of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to discover many glorious examples that experience no longer seemed in past western literature.

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Довольно интересная книга, описывающая начало "Св. Георгия".
Почему начало Св. Георгия? Интересная история. Применив данное начало, англичанин в 1980 г. выиграл самого Карпова. Это второй случай в истории, когда англичанин взял верх над чемпионом мира. В приступе экстаза английские журналисты окрестили дебют в столь пафосной манере.
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Capturing immediately allows the exchange of rooks, and it is not Uploaded to Ctorrents - Leaked out elsewhere 44 50 ESSENTIAL CHESS LESSONS immediately obvious how White would then win, because his king has no clear path into Black's position. Keeping rooks on wins much more easily, because the rook will be able to penetrate along one of the open files. Care is required, even in the most overwhelming positions! 34•••gxf4 This makes things easy for White, by opening another file. Black could prolong his resistance by sitting tight, but White can still force the win.

B7 have already been included, and these make the kingside fianchetto inappropriate, because Black is able to pin the knight and threaten to reach a favourable form ofthe doubled-pawn complex we saw in Gligoric-Larsen (Game 9). White should instead prefer 5 e3, which may well transpose to the aforementioned game, or Petrosian's 5 a3, preventing the black bishop from coming to b4 and threatening to follow up with the pawn advance d5, shutting out the black b7-bishop. b4 6 Jbd2 As in Makogonov-Keres (Game 8), White has secured the bishop-pair without weakening his pawn-structure, but at the cost of time.

By introducing a pin on the d-file, White tempts Black to move his queen off the d-file. The natural post is a5, but after 12... xe1, with an extra pawn, or 13 ... ~xa214lt'lc7+ c:J;;e7 15 ~b4#. ~b6, loses a pawn to 13 exd5 (the e6-pawn is pinned), so Black has no good way to get his queen out of the pin. He therefore resorts to a pin of his own. a5! Up to this point, the game had been following what was at that time known theory. Black's last move was considered bad because of the continuation adopted by White in the game, but Simagin was one of the most original and talented masters of his generation, and had realized that the theoretical judgement could be turned on its head by a positional queen sacrifice.

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