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By Riccardo Petrella (auth.), Diederik Aerts, Jan Broekaert, Willy Weyns (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401037418

ISBN-13: 9789401037419

A global in Transition, Humankind and Nature is competently entitled after its target for an intrinsic estate of truth: switch.
Of significant challenge, during this period of transformation, is the broad and profound interplay of humankind with nature. The global-scale social and technological undertaking of humankind certainly consists of a myriad of alterations of the ecosphere. This e-book develops, from the decision for an interdisciplinary synthesis and recognize of plurality, acknowledging the evolving medical fact, to the necessity for an built-in yet necessarily provisional worldview.
members from various elements of the realm concentrate on 4 modes of swap: (i) Social switch and the person situation, (ii) advanced evolution and basic emergent differences, (iii) Ecological transformation and accountability inquiries, (iv) The economic-ecological and socio-technical equilibria.
basically fascinated by the deep variations of humankind and of the connection among people and nature, it truly is addressed to a huge and pondering public that wishes to be saved informed.

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The prevailing thinking on innovation and the obsessive cult of competitiveness have had a big hand in developing and spreading this 'survival psychosis' and 'war culture'. The values emphasized by the theorists and practitioners of innovation and globalization through competitiveness are values centering on power (financial in particular), force (idea of conquest and mastery), struggle (to which the inevitable instances of co-operation between individuals, organizations and countries must also be subjected), aggressiveness and cynicism (mors tua vita mea).

Such movements have become entirely free worldwide, which has left the door open to unbridled speculation, suicidal instability in money markets, proliferation of a jungle of direction less financial services (the derivative markets), volatility of returns, and so on; - the imposition of taxes on capital gains, particularly of the speculative kind. Never have the banks and insurance companies of the rich and poor countries shown such high profits as in 1993 and 1994 despite the greater numerical incidence of poverty in the world; - the abolition of tax havens: there exist 37 'Tax havens' throughout the world; - the immediate application of a compensatory social levy on delocalized economic activities in order to constitute a world fund for economic and social development in accordance with the new social context; - the introduction of leco-taxes' enabling the focus of taxation, at present centered on human work, to be shifted to other factors of production such as energy, capital investment and polluting raw materials, which would provide an incentive to make energy, plant 16 RICCARDO PETRELLA and capital more productive and so de-emphasize increased labor productivity; the only ecological concern in the future planning for 22 years; - the establishment within the United Nations of a World Anti-Trust A uthority to be responsible for preventing the formation of large world financial and industrial oligopolies concentrating in their hands enormous powers to influence the world economy, lying beyond any system of democratic oversight and nullifying any economic action measures on the part of national and continental authorities; - the constitution of a World Economic Tribunal to secure observance of ethical principles in world economic affairs (for which purposes the Tribunal should produce an annual report on 'Ethics and business in the world') and to act as an audit office regarding the use of world public financing for cooperation and development.

The enterprise is acquiring anew historical legitimacy inasmuch as it has been vested by the State with the function of defending and promoting the well-being of the 'local' society, it claims an additional legitimacy by presenting itself as the only organization capable of guaranteeing, at the world level, the best management of available material and nonmaterial resources. In so doing, the enterprise privatizes and internationalizes for its own purposes the social role of the State. In addition, it does so repeatedly, in each of the countries where it can lay claim to a predominant place in the local landscape.

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