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The 2008 Spring assembly of the Arbeitskreis Festkörperphysik used to be held in Berlin, Germany, among February 24 and February 29, 2008 together with the 72nd Annual assembly of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft. The 2008 assembly used to be the most important physics assembly in Europe and one of the greatest physics conferences on the earth in 2008.

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Yu et al. [14] observed room temperature “random lasing” in a relatively complicated structure grown by MOVPE, where hexagonally shaped ZnO pillars were embedded in a ZnO epilayer serving as a waveguide, which in turn was placed on a MgO buffer layer. 4 nm superimposed on a broad 385 nm-peaked band were observed under pulsed Nd:YAG excitation tripled to 353 nm. 5 MW/cm2 , depending on the polarization direction. For the size of the pillars the authors quote an average diameter of 70 nm only, which in the light of simulation calculations presented later in this article appears questionable since too narrow to hold a UV resonator made.

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